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Why Local SEO?
  • 70% of online searches will use local search to find an offline business
  • More than 50% of all mobile searches is used to find a local business
  • 20% of Every Google search is done to search for a local service or business.
  • The Roi of Local SEO beats any traditional lead source by an average of 40%
  • Your competitors know these facts and are optimizing their sites for local.

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Beat Your Competition Today!

Seo Help Colorado Springs

If your competitors are winning all the business because you aren’t at the top of the search engines, you know you can do better. It takes more than just an incredible business idea or a modern storefront appearance with the perfect shingle to hang your name on, to be successful today. You have to command your brand on the internet. You have to promise your customers that you are so great because really everyone thinks your great, and since you don’t know literally everyone, you need the internet. You need strangers to announce their friendship with you.

You need to know about keywords. Keywords are words people use to search online for a company that can provide a service or to find a store where they can buy what they need. Think of a keyword as a magical key that you can use to enter into the minds of your customers to provide them the services they actually need or a key to pull you out of the trenches of the internet where your company lists on page 108.

If there were a solution to all your marketing problems, that would completely change the number and the quality of the people calling and coming into your business you would want that, right? The solution is affordable and increases revenue to your business each and every month. That is why you are here.

You’re smart, so you want to choose an SEO company with a proven track record of absolute domination on the web.

Full Service Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most business owners are completely in the dark about how search engines work and the incredible amount of traffic and people searching for their services there are each and every month. Colorado Springs SEO Consultants can show you how to get in front of your market and wave a non-literal, but extremely popular web flag, to get more customers into your business. We take care of our clients and make sure that the competition doesn’t stand a chance. We rank your website, business profiles, social media and videos at the top of the search engines for complete domination.

Our Colorado Springs SEO Company is here for a reason. You are here for a reason. You want to be the best, and you want to know you are doing everything possible to take care of your business, your customers, your team, and your family. We want to keep being the best and we want to partner with you to make you the best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Seo Colorado Springs

SEO is the process of giving the search engines what they want to see about your company. It combines factors of your website, backlinks, social media interactions, business listings, citations, including the overall authority and trust of your site. It’s complicated, but the formula we use is tested and holds up to demanding industries.

Dominate Your Market With SEO

Whether your business is in the Colorado Springs Area or really anywhere, we can create a competitive edge for you in your market. Our company specializes in bringing new customers to your business by helping you use the customers your already have while directly competing with your competitors. We can move your website and other web properties to the top ranking in search engines like Google – we have literally blanketed the first page for many businesses in Colorado Springs and across the entire world.

Most SEO companies have no idea what they are doing, and can hurt the presence of your website in the search engines by doing low-quality SEO. Colorado Springs SEO Agency knows what we are doing with results proven time and time again.

Our press release service is extremely helpful in building web presence- we have the power to get you noticed on major new media networks.

What We Do For Your Business?

Colorado Springs Seo

Keyword Research

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Many SEO firms will optimize you for 20-30 terms at a time. This may sound good but here at Mr and Mrs Leads we know that 70-75% of your business is going to come from a handful of main terms.

For example, the word “Plumber Colorado Springs” is searched over 1,300 times per month, whereas the term “Best Local Plumber” is searched 120 times per month. We want the most leads for your business not what looks good on a report.

Competitor Analysis

For industries that are heavily competitive it is important to analyze the websites that have already gotten a top ranking in the search engines. Using a variety of tools we are able to gauge the strength of your competition and make a strategy to put your business above theirs.

Get Your Site Trusted By The Search Engines 
Getting top positions in the search engines is a game of trust. The engine trusts the sites that rank at the top of the page to be what the consumer wants to see. Mr and Mrs Leads will generate a variety of backlinks and brand mentions across the web that will enhance your website’s reputation with the local search engines. 

2016 Local Search Engine Optimization Is Real Marketing
As I am writing this there have been three major algorithm changes in the past four months. These major events only used to happen twice a year!

Google is constantly trying to weed out businesses engaged in so called “SEO tricks.” You may have heard of Penguin, Pandas, or Pigeons. These changes shook the entire SEO world when they came out. A simple Google search of “Penguin SEO Penalty” will return hundreds of pages.

Mr and Mrs Leads doesn’t mess around when it comes to your business. We stay up to date on what is going on with the algorithm and generate only positive press about your business on relevant websites.

We Rank On Google’s Front Page For Our Own Local Terms

Would you really hire an SEO company that can’t rank their own website? You found us by searching for SEO in Colorado Springs in some form or fashion. We put a lot of resources into marketing our site so that it’s visible on the front page and we would do just the same for any of our clients.

Organic SEO 

  • 70-80% of people ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic search results.
  • Search & email are the two biggest activities online.
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% closing rate, while traditional marketing efforts have about 2%.
  • Search engines are the #1 pusher of traffic when compared to any other source online.
  • 89% of internet searchers in the United States above fifteen looked for products or services online in 2015.

Seo Company Colorado Springs

How Does Organic SEO Work?

While it’s similar to Local SEO, there are some key differences in organic optimization. At the heart of an organic SEO campaign lie backlinks.

The internet is built on links. Without links how would we share a photo with a friend? How would you check the latest stock prices? Everything we do is through links and that isn’t about to change any time soon.

A backlink or commonly referred to as a “one-way link” is a website simply referencing your website through a clickable text, image, or video. This creates a vote for your website from the referrer. As long as the referring websites are trustworthy in the eyes of the search engines, this will boost your website’s ranking for your chosen terms.

As Google algorithms get smarter over time they are learning to distinguish what types of links would naturally point to your site. This is why it is imperative to hire an SEO company that will properly market your site across the internet.

Whats Next?

Repeat after me: Organic search, Maps search, Paid Ads. The way that our company does things, you will naturally rank well in the 3 pack (or maps) and also the organic listings. We can run PPC campaigns as well (paid advertising), but most of our clients find that the return they get from the SEO work we do is way better than any form of paid advertising.

Depending on what type of package you purchase from us, we can fill the first page of search engine results with your company listing and information. We rank your home page and other web properties such as Youtube videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any citations we have done for you, such as Yelp, Yext, Citystar.......

Get Moving Foward!

You are ready to leap forward. Let’s make the decision to go with  Mr and Mrs Leads. We are ready to take your business to the next level.

We take care of our clients’ websites just like they were our own. Your success means our continued success, and that is what we are committed to. We are waiting by the phone, give us a call. 719-505-6065