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Branding Your Business

Branding your business is seen as a very advanced part of marketing. However, it’s easy to understand the power and necessity of a cohesive branding effort for any business.

In fact, it’s even more crucial for small businesses than it is major worldwide brands. There are thousands of internationally recognizable logos for big companies, which spend millions of dollars in advertising. They’re easily identifiable, and people immediately have positive memories of experiencing those brands in the past.

For a business that nobody’s heard of before, you’re starting from scratch. You need elements such as a logo, word mark and tag line that leave a solid impression of professionalism and legitimacy, before anyone will buy from you.

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Branding a marketing is a Science

A major element to consider for branding your business is that you have less than seven seconds to capture a customer’s attention on the internet. In that time, a person has made some of their most important decisions about your business, which will also be the deciding factor on whether they’ll even look at your product or service.

What would increasing your customer conversion rate from 10% to 40% mean for your business? That’s the kind of impact that professional branding can have on everything you do, including your website and social media presence.

The reality is that major brands spend an unsightly amount of money every year gathering data about their potential customers. They bring it all together to create every element of their branding before even considering a marketing campaign or making a logo.

Branding and marketing is a combination of business, creativity and technology. Studies show that everything from color choice, fonts, word choice, shapes and photos have a psychological effect, and major brands around the world all use this information in their branding efforts.

Overall quality is also an important factor. Software like Photoshop, for example, can allow you to get crystal clear images for every purpose, and even create images of people using your product or service. In all honesty, it’s such an enormous subject that it’s impossible to cover every area in one sitting.

What is a Branding and Marketing Agency?

When we’re talking about branding your business, this includes everything from color choice to how you speak to your audience. Well-researched demographic data, such as age and the generation your audience is born in, gender, location, income and much more, are a part of a successfully orchestrated branding effort.

It’s said that people might not remember what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. What we’re talking about is not just the problems that your product or service will solve, but deeply resonating with them on a personal level.

This is part of why big data is a multi billion-dollar business. It’s also why it’s so important to brand your business with real data on people who are actively purchasing the types of products and services you sell online.

One important aspect of a small business branding package is a customer persona. This is a sophisticated combination of the major personas or demographics that buy your products and services. They’re categorized and defined to the point where it’s as if you can see this person in front of you, and know exactly how to speak to them for calculated effect.

While these may seem like sweeping generalizations, these small differences make a huge impact on the overall success of your brand. After all, the greater impact you have on the people you reach, the more potential profit you have at the end of the day.

What a branding and marketing agency will do for your business is produce all of these things and more, in order to have this effect on the kind of people who purchase what you’re selling. They’re also responsible for putting your business in front of those same kinds of people, and are specialists in marketing small businesses like yours.

Branding Packages for Small Business

If you’re interested in running ad campaigns, you’re fully aware by now that branding and marketing is not something to leave to chance. However, it’s worth mentioning that the experience that people have with your brand should work everywhere they come in contact with your business.

The personality of your business is important, whether you’re on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or selling your products and services on your own website. Any worthwhile agency will know how to take this branding effort and apply it across all mediums.

As you know, branding your business is not limited to your logo and color palette. It’s a deliberate production that’s designed to complement the psychology of your exact ideal customer. In effect, every word, every image and every emotion that a person has should have a positive impact on your sales.

What a business branding package will do is help you create all of these essential elements, and use them in your marketing. They’ll allow you to be everywhere your market is and do so in a way that generates the most leads and sales possible.

Three Reasons to Choose a Small Business Branding Package

The first major reason to use a branding and marketing agency is expertise. Take advantage of the specialized knowledge that they have in working with businesses like yours. They’ll cover area of branding, not just the basics mentioned here, and connect your product or service with the right buying audience.

The second reason is budget. Small businesses don’t have millions of dollars to purchase information from the big data companies. Even then, knowing what to do with that information is a completely different arena of branding and marketing.

Last but not least, they’ll be able to put together a business branding package that fits your needs. For example, if you’re interested in running a targeted ad campaign, they’ll be able to create, manage and optimize your ads for calculated effect. This takes the stress and pressure off of you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.