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We live in an interesting time nowadays. It seems almost everything is digital. From shopping to even renewing your car registration. People are on their phones constantly throughout their day. Many folks run their entire business or marketing from their phones. With the use of boulder seo, social media, PPC ads and other awesome techniques, businesses can promote and market their companies without even leaving their living rooms. They market and the device toting consumers will hopefully find them. This is why it is very important to have an online presence on top of your physical business. If John Smith is on his tablet searching “boulder seo company” on google and you have that service to offer, you want to be the top, if not one of the first three, search result. Yes customers like to shop around, but they will most likely click on your link if you are at the top on the first page of a search result as opposed to being on the fourth page. If all of this is sounding like an investment you are interested in pursuing, then you really should consider hiring a professional boulder seo consultant, because let’s be honest, you have a business to run and don’t really have time to learn web design boulder and marketing boulder in addition to running your company. Although you may hire someone outside of your company to do this for you, you should still research a few basic terms and services that could come in handy when selecting your ad agency boulder.

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SEO is an effective way to market your campaign

Boulder seo is a very effective part of your website and marketing boulder campaign. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means just that. You are optimizing your site so that it can be found and crawled by different search engines. There are many search engines out there, but there is one that has the most impact and that is Google. Most mobile devices come with google as the stock search engine on their web browsers. Google is the search browser to please. boulder marketing agencies have spent a lot of time getting to know what Google likes and dislikes. There are techniques on how to use SEO correctly and also how not to use it. If SEO is used incorrectly, Google will think of your site as spam. You do not want Google to think your site is spam. That can be a very unforgiving title and almost impossible to reverse. It is important that the boulder ad agency you decide to go with avoids this. The correct way will start bringing you new business rather quickly. We have seen businesses get so much work it was very hard for them to keep up, but they were not complaining. Businesses are happy that they got to offer their product or service and customers are happy they got their needs fulfilled.

Research is a big part of the marketing process

SEO starts with research. It is important that you or the boulder seo company you choose research strong words that pertain to your business and niche. There are keywords and long tail keywords. The difference between the two is as follows, keywords are single words that pack a punch to your site while long tail keywords are a string or combination of words that have to do with your company and niche. What some people choose to do is to use the city or nearby cities and combine them with various terms from their business. An example of this is “boulder website design”. As you can see in the example the city of Boulder, Colorado is tailed with the Website Design niche. These keywords are the words that help your site get noticed by Google and the people using Google to search. Keywords are powered by 2 elements, search volume and keyword difficulty. The search volume is the estimated amount of times the word can get search in a certain amount of time. The keyword difficulty is how hard it would be to get ranked with this word. A good rule of thumb is to have a high search volume with a low keyword difficulty. You need to find a nice balance of the two. If you or the marketing agency you choose can find this balance, it will juice your site significantly and this is what you want for great boulder seo. Just selecting the keywords and finding the balance is not enough on their own. Once you have your keywords selected you have to know how to place them on your site. Your homepage is a great starting point. Most of the time your homepage is the first part of your site people interact with. Your home page should have your keywords spread out throughout it. Using the keywords on any page should be used in moderation. You would think that the more keywords the better, but if you just flood your pages by over using your keywords, then this is when we get that spammy title from Google. Remember, you do not want to go there. It has been recommended that you use your top keywords or long tail keywords no more than 4 times on a page. The rest of your lower keywords it is recommended that you at least have them on your page once. If you can scatter your keywords throughout your pages in this manner, than you will successfully please the Google searches and make your way up the ranks. If you juice your site correctly with the correct keywords in your boulder seo, you will start seeing more and more business from using this technique.

Proper Keywords Will Convert Visitors to Customers

Your keywords and strong boulder seo will bring the customers, but you also need a good boulder website design to convert these new visitors to paying customers. There are a lot of bells and whistles that go into web development boulder that go beyond just the awesome design. There is coding to be done, colors, photos and fonts to be chosen and testing. In order to create a beautiful web design that will attract and keep your visitors, you want to be sure that you choose the correct colors and fonts that match your brand. This should stay consistent throughout the design, so that it stays appealing and does not lose its luster. Your designer will help you pick out a nice color palette that should match your brand’s feel. If you are using the same designer that helped develop your logo, then maybe they can use the same color scheme that they used then. You want your site to be eye catching and easy to read. Depending on your niche, maybe the use of photos and videos can also help out (in moderation of course). The layout of your site has to be planned. You want the main information of your products or services to be easy to find and not buried in your site. You want the navigation of your site to go smoothly and it should be mapped accordingly. Have your links visible and easy to read. Your branding should also stand out in the design of your site. boulder web development is not an easy task to tackle, but it’s a good thing there are professionals like us that can help take that burden off your hands.

Pictures and videos attract more customers

The way your website functions is truly important. Your sites functions need to be operating correctly at all times. Links should go to the appropriate pages, buttons should work and perform their function when pressed, forms should be routed to deliver the submission to the appropriate emails, and so on. This is why a website should be tested before launch. Issues that tend to happen are the use of too many large photos and videos. If you decide to use photos and videos on your site, then there are a few things that could help. Make sure your photos are compressed but still crisp and visible. There are many ways to achieve this, your designer will know what to do. If you want to put videos on your site, it is best if you embed them by first uploading them to sites like YouTube or Vimeo, then taking the embed code and adding it to your site. This will help avoid lag and slow load times. It is quite annoying when you want to visit a site and it takes forever to load on your device. This really turns people off and they may just leave without even looking at what you have to offer. So do yourself a favor, resize and optimize your images and embed those videos. How your site performs on different devices and web browsers is something that many people fail to test for and at times ignore. When your site is being built, you have to ensure that your web design boulder is compatible with as many phones, tablets and computers as possible. Your site should be able to run on mobile devices with no problems. Regardless if your visitor has an Apple or Android phone, your site should be able to accommodate them. This goes for many different types of tablets out there. Now I know that in a perfect world you would have all of these devices so that you can test on them, but who really has all of that? It is good practice to run your site on an iPhone, Android and table of your choosing just to make sure that it displays and functions correctly. Believe it or not, not all phones are built the same, there are different hardwares and softwares that go into the phone build and they all work differently. A simple test on the web browser of different devices will go a long way. For good measure, you may want to test your site on different browsers as well. Firefox may not read your site the same way Google Chrome does. Your boulder web development will test this and work out the bugs accordingly. As far as computers go, it would be great to test your site on different browsers on your computer for the same reasons as mobile. Your computer browsers may display your site differently. You have no idea what device or software your visitor will be running when they visit your site, so it is better to test and prepare your site to work on as many devices as possible to avoid losing any potential business.

Social Media Ads Bring Results

Now that your site has been designed, SEO has been put in place and it has been tested, you are ready to publish and launch. If you would like to step up your marketing game, there are several ways to do so. Social media marketing is a great way to have your ads show up on the timelines of possible customers while they do their daily scrolls. You can run ads on all of the big name social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. These platforms have millions of daily users that could be looking for products and services like yours. These ads are called PPC ads. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, meaning you set a budget on your ad campaign, and whenever someone clicks on your ad, a certain amount will be taken from the budget. This is a great way to manage the amount you want to spend on ad campaigns. Once the budget is exhausted, you can either renew the campaign and set the same or up the budget depending on the success of the prior one, or you can simply cancel the campaign. It’s really that simple. People use social media every day, so why not try to offer them something that they may need or have been searching for.

Do Your Research

As we discussed, it would be best that you yourself do a little research on boulder seo, boulder website design ideas and effective marketing boulder techniques. This way you can discuss all of this with the design company you choose. Just because one thing worked for one company doesn’t mean it will work for all. There needs to be planning before execution. With some time and patience you will have an awesome website that is going to be bringing you new customers. Not just new customers, but happy customers.

If you read this whole page, then it is safe to say that you are interested in hiring an agency to build and optimize website and possibly do some marketing as well. We are that company. We have worked with many businesses, small and large, and have helped them achieve great success. We want to do the same for you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and end products. We don’t want to build you just any site, we want to develop a site your way, with the perks of boulder seo. We also have some marketing packages that can accompany your new site build. Let us help you attract more customers. Call us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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