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E-Commerce Marketing

The eCommerce industry is a fantastic opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to follow dreams they would never have previously thought possible by removing the need for a physical storefront and the associated costs, charges, and headaches that come with this. Instead, the power of the internet has given rise to a host of online shops, and this is excellent news for both business owners and consumers!

With good news comes a slight concern; however, the prevalence and ease of eCommerce have resulted in a saturated market, and standing out from the crowd can be a real challenge. E-commerce marketing is an essential tool to add to your arsenal and allows you to ensure that the customers you need are being directed to your store. Read on to see how e-commerce marketing services could transform your business!

What is E-Commerce Marketing?

In the simplest terms, e-commerce marketing, and by extension, e-commerce SEO, involves promoting your online store to your potential customers by utilizing a wide range of marketing channels. The end goal is to make sure that the people who are interested in your product have a chance to visit and buy what they need. There are three main assets:
  • Drive traffic directly to your online store
  • Convert this traffic into viable leads
  • Convert these leads into tangible sales

E-Commerce SEO works in a similar way to your typical SEO marketing, but with slight nuances to tailor it to online stores in particular. There are three main marketing channels to take advantage of email, content, and video, and these are the most accessible.

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Why Do i Need E-Commerce Marketing?

SEO for eCommerce is a significant priority for many successful businesses, and for a good reason: there are plenty of pros. Some of the major benefits include:

Increase Your brand awareness

One of the downsides of an online store can be the lack of physicality – this means that all of your promotion and marketing needs to take place in the digital realm. Quality e-commerce marketing can really help to boost your brand awareness, and this gets your name out there and visible. Once people know about your business, you have taken the first step to boost sales! By appearing on the first page of a search engine, you are instantly making yourself more memorable, while also increasing your legitimacy and authenticity.

Boost The Content already on your site

Part of SEO is ensuring that you have the right keywords in the right place, and this can be easily achieved by optimizing the content of your website. Everything from how-to guides to blog posts, product information to buyers’ guides can all be easy ways to boost your traffic, and this means that with just a little editing, you can use all of the content and information already on your site, saving you valuable time, effort and cash.

Cash is on the long tail

According to research, 15% of all search queries entered into Google were brand new, and these comprise the ‘long tail’ queries. Though obscure, these have a tendency to convert at a far higher rate than other keywords and happen to be perfect for e-commerce sites. By their very nature, e-commerce stores are built on a particular hierarchy, with different categories beneath a central umbrella. As an example, the common click path may be Clothing > Women’s Clothing > Accessories > Scarves > Red Scarves > Red Silk Scarves. It can be hard to tailor your keywords to hit all of these words separately, but are a perfect match for long-tail keywords, such as a search for “women’s red silk scarves.” ECommerce SEO is, therefore, a perfect way to capture a large section of the market, who are already on the hunt for your product!

Improve the experience of your users

A positive user experience will be crucial in driving conversions, and SEO plays a large part in helping you to understand your shoppers – data which is invaluable to your business.

Through considering their searches, you can gain valuable insights into just what they are looking for – multiple searches for “affordable black dresses” shows you that the focus is on value for money. Tracking your customer’s browsing habits and interests can give you an insight into how they think, what they want, and the trends which are likely to be hot.

This data can then be converted to the site, offering you a chance to emphasize low-cost dresses and improving your rankings. This is invaluable, free information which can really help you to improve your overall site, and by extension, leads and conversions.

Turn Back to the classics

Marketing funnels may be an old tradition in SEO, but they have a pivotal role to play in eCommerce marketing. Typically, the journey heads from awareness > interest – usually research > desire > action – a purchase. By launching you to the top of the search results, SEO helps to boost the very top of the funnel – awareness, and this improves the chances of the customer carrying on to make a purchase – everyone is left happy! In addition, a higher ranking helps your business appear more legitimate – customers have a short attention span, so being one of the top picks makes them far more likely to click.

What are the next steps?

Any eCommerce store owner should make the most of SEO techniques to help boost business, improve awareness, and convert inquiries into interest, leads into sales. Employing the skills of a top of the range e-commerce SEO consultant could end up being the very best investment you make for your business, and has the potential to create long-term gains.

In order to ensure the very best results, it is a good idea to call in the professionals. While some SEO can arguably be learned and performed by amateurs, the reality is that you will have far more critical things to worry about as a business owner. A professional e-commerce SEO agency will have the skills to really boost your ranking, transform your site, and have a positive impact on your overall profits.

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