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Welcome to the future of online advertising. Since the beginning of the Internet we have seen numerous forms of advertising appear on our screens, from the humble Text Ads to more sophisticated Banner Ads and then Flash Ads. These types of online advertising served well; however, they were no match for what was coming: Advertising Video Production.

The Advent of Online Video Advertising

As an increasing number of people are becoming more technologically aware and accessing content online whether it be from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, the world is more and more within our reach.

Information is highly accessible from almost anywhere. With just a simple press of a button, you can easily access media content, from music, movies, television shows and music video clips, to trainings and instructional videos. Everything is there for the taking.

YouTube Advertising has changed the way businesses advertise. Before YouTube, the only way someone could see your Business Ad was through a costly means of buying time on broadcast or cable TV, or more traditional forms of advertising, such as newspapers, magazines and bill boards.
But using YouTube advertisement videos has changed the direction of advertising forever and made it more accessible to businesses than ever before. Research has shown that advertisers now view online advertising using YouTube ads more effective than television ads.

Currently, there is a higher number of online viewers than television viewers. What this means is the response rate is far greater online than with television advertising. YouTube’s introduction to Pre-roll advertising, which are simply the YouTube ads, advertisement videos before the start of the featured videos, has been very effective as it creates an introduction to an advertiser’s product or service whilst allowing the viewer to ‘Skip Ad’ after a few seconds. This is a Win-Win for both the viewer and advertiser.

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Get YouTube Ads for Your Business to Establish a Great Online Presence

Today, the largest and most popular video content portal accessed by the world is YouTube. Ever since its acquisition Google in 2006, YouTube’s success has been unstoppable.

It became the perfect platform for business owners and advertisers to take their marketing campaigns to the next level, with video productions.
YouTube Ads run before (pre roll) and sometimes in between videos.
The strength and pull of YouTube video production has now seen a shift in media buyers moving away from the traditional television and radio formats and focussing their advertising budgets on the online advertising market.

Increase Traffic to Your Site with YouTube Video Ads

YouTube Advertising, also known as AdWords Video Advertising, is very easy to set up. It also allows various formats on how your videos will be advertised as well. You can also target specific viewers and use the keywords to reach out to the largest audience who might be looking for what you are advertising.
You don’t have to worry since you have full control on how you want to set up your Online Video Campaign, including your keywords, target groups and your budget when deciding how much you would like to spend for a CPV (Cost Per View).

You can either create your own campaigns, or simply get the assistance from the Google Homepage and scrolling to the bottom and selecting ‘Advertising’ or ‘Advertise on Google’.

Once you get started, you will be able to use your YouTube Video Ads produced by TuberADS to further refine your campaign or create another one to see what works best for you.

Website video production or YouTube Video Production is the future of online advertising, so get familiar and take advantage of it.
At TuberADS, we can save you a lot of time by creating YouTube Video Ads that are engaging, creative and informative. We can produce top quality and highly effective YouTube Video Ads to get you to the front door of online advertising and embrace the future!.

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