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At Mr. & Mrs. Leads, our primary objective is creating leads for our clients. All our efforts, primarily SEO, are targeting traffic that converts into leads and customers. For that we need reliable data obtained from analytics. However, setting up your analytics is just the beginning. You need to be able to interpret the data accurately if you want to figure out what converts and what doesn’t. We focus on metrics that clearly indicate where you should invest your marketing dollars to boost conversion rate and acquire more customers.

Most marketers focus on keywords that have a bigger search volume or can increase their clients’ rankings instead of focusing on keywords that bring leads. Increased traffic and higher rankings are simply a means to an end – an increased conversion rate.

​Efficient lead tracking can tell you exactly which keywords drive conversion by tracking the leads back to the source keywords. When you identify these keywords, you can get more conversion with the same amount of traffic.

We are passionate about lead generation, because at the end of the day, we know that leads keep your business alive. Whether you have a website or not, reach out to us! We will grow your web presence and provide maximum results for your small or large business.

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