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Lead Nurturing

What Does Lead Nurturing Mean?

​Lead nurturing is a marketing term for building relationships with potential clients even if they are not currently looking to buy a product or service. Lead nurturing is intended to raise a company’s profile in the potential client’s eyes, thus making it more likely that the client will go with the company’s product or service when it is time to buy. Lead nurturing is one part of the larger marketing process.

Aligning Sales and Marketing with Lead Nurturing

“You’ve heard this before – Marketing is from Venus and Sales is from Mars because the two can never agree. Sales are always pointing the finger at Marketing and saying, “You don’t give me enough leads.” Marketing always shoots back, “Yes, we do. You just don’t follow up on the leads.” And the dilemma goes on and on.”
Now, inbound-driven organizations often place so much emphasis on generating leads, they neglect the processes of following up, but lead nurturing fills that gap. It helps move them through the buyer’s journey towards becoming a customer.
First, you need to get your marketing and sales teams in agreement on your definition of a lead.
At Mr and Mrs Leads, we break leads down into two categories — marketing leads and sales leads.

Marketing leads are at the top of the funnel
Sales leads are near the bottom of the funnel

After leads are nurtured by marketing, they are passed on to the sales team in their CRM.


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