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How can you help generate leads for my real estate company?

Mr. and Mrs. Leads has mastered a proven system that generates hundreds of fresh, quality leads to real estate agents each month. We work with some of the biggest players in Colorado and are expanding our marketing system to agents across the country- because it’s that good. 

Through pioneering marketing strategies that virtually no real estate agents on the planet are using, we are producing results that have people scratching their heads and willing to do whatever it takes to partner with us. So what’s our secret formula? 

Well, we’ve created a funnel that will provide you with fresh, hot leads and ultimately give you more freedom, time and money to invest and leverage yourself inside of your business.

The funnel looks something like this:
1) Harness traffic Sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc
2) Install Leads Magnets that pull cold traffic from those traffic sources
3) Collect information from the lead magnets and get people to opt-in to our forms
4) After opt-in, we release content that they want and indoctrinate them with YOU
5) Follow up: Retarget on social media and email until a transaction takes place

This funnel may look really simple, but even though the concept is straight-forward, there are over 100 components that go into each lead campaign. The magic in our follow-up system is that we allow your prospect to build trust and develop a relationship with you on their own time. Our system lasts an entire year per prospect, to ensure that you will NEVER fall off with a potential customer. 

We grab traffic, we provide tons of value, and then you ask for their business. Society wants to be sold THAT way. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to let our system work for you so that you have more time to build and nurture business relationships? Let us show you what we’ve done successfully for countless real estate professionals around the country. We’ve failed for you so that you can have the most modern, power-packed marketing platform at your fingertips! 

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