Geo Fencing Colorado Springs


Geofencing is a very interesting process.  In order to request geofencing services, you have to know what geofencing is.  Geofencing is used to target customers in specific locations.  Once targeted you can deploy the appropriate campaign or message to that customer to entice them to visit your business.  You will be triggering this alert at the right time and place.  The geofencing is usually a normal sized parameter but can be tailored to the location you are aiming for.  The shape of the parameter can also be a polygon or the shape of the buildings in or around the area you are targeting.  Geofencing ads are a great way to interact with your customer when they are in your area.  Geofencing companies know what the rules and restrictions of geofencing advertising are.

Are there any benefits to geofencing mobile advertising?  Yes there are many.  The many benefits are you can increase your sales and loyalty from your customers.  It is a great way to remind customers that your business is there and you can reward them for returning.  Everyone loves a reward.  Especially from a place that they frequent.  Or maybe they haven’t been there in a while, giving them an incentive, using geofence advertising, can spark that interest to visit you again.  You can also remind customers if they have any loyalty points from your business and ask them to partake in surveys about your business.  The benefits are all beneficial to your and your business in the best of ways.

Bringing Customers Local Deals

Geofence Marketing Using Location

In order for geofencing marketing to work there needs to be some type of cellular signal, wifi signal or GPS active, depending on the type of app you have on your customers phone or device.  Have you ever been on your phone and noticed you got notification on your phone about a sale or a special offer at a business near you?  That is what geofencing advertising companies do.  They set up geofences and get you some more business.  Some of your favorite mobile games may be using geofencing ads as well.  Maybe you’re playing the game in a certain area and in game you see a banner or alert about a certain business in your area offering you a discount for playing.  It’s a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Some folks have questions about privacy issues with geofencing companies setting up such campaigns, but the customer has to agree to receive these notifications.  Most of the time, they want to be alerted of a sale or discount, especially if it’s at their favorite places.  We all have that app that we agree to having push notifications sent to our phones.  Sometimes we want to be alerted so we don’t miss out.  Such disclaimers about the geofencing tracking can be listed on your privacy page or app description.

The Virtual Experience

Geofencing is completely virtual.  There is no need to install any physical devices to the area you are targeting.  That’s one of the great things about geofencing advertising, you are using the capabilities of your customers phone to send them rewards and information about your business.  There are satellites and cellular towers in or around most areas around the world.  Geofencing can be applied to urban and rural areas.  As long as there is a cellular signal, GPS or wifi signal, you geofence marketing campaign will be good to go.

Geofencing companies, like ourselves, aim to get you the maximum results from your geofencing ads.  We setup your geofencing mobile advertising to offer your customers the messages and offers you want to give them.  You will want to reward them for being loyal and returning customers.  You may even want to offer them a discount to just come back and try you again.  What you want to offer or inform them of is completely up to you.  We set the parameters and you set the pace with your offers.

How Geo Fencing Benefits Your Business

As you can see geofencing is an awesome way to keep yourself in your customers minds and phones or mobile devices.  Geofencing can help drive up your sales and customer interaction with the use of cellular service and or GPS signal.  If they are in the area you are targeting, then there is a good chance you will be getting a visit from a few people in your geofenced area.  Using geofencing is a strong way to market and advertise without having to implement any physical devices to your targeted area.

When implementing geofencing ads, you want to be sure you are working with geofencing advertising companies that know what they are doing in respect to the geofencing process.  You want your customers to feel rewarded and happy to be reminded of you.  We are a geofencing advertising agency you can trust.  We know the ins and outs of geofencing and will work with you to provide your customers with the best experience when they are in your area.  We know the rules and regulations of running a geofencing campaign.  With years of experience and knowledge on geofencing, we can help provide you with an amazing geofencing campaign that will make your competitors jealous and wondering how you are driving up your sales.  Your customers will be delighted with the way you alert them of a freebie or a nice discount for being a returning customer, loyal patron or a customer who should come back and take advantage of your awesome services and products.

So if you are looking for a geofencing advertising agency, then look no further.  Working with us will bring forth much success to your business with the use of geofencing ads.  We will do everything we can to help you understand the process and how it works and explain all of the benefits in full upon our first conversation.  We want you to go into the process with confidence and a positive mindset.  You will not be left in the dark and with a strong geofencing campaign, your business will not be left behind.  Call us now and let’s get your geofencing mobile advertising moving.