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It’s not uncommon for our team to hear from a contractor inquiring about search engine optimization (SEO). Many times, when people reach out about SEO for contractors they don’t have a grasp on what it is and why it can take their business to another level. Our goal is to spend a little bit of time here to educate you on those two things and why your business should be employing a stellar SEO plan.

The reason that SEO is arguably more popular today than it’s ever been is because of the longevity of the results. There are many instances in businesses where if you’re not first to the party then you can’t lay your mark. SEO is a constant battle because the top competitor in your market might have started with SEO five years ago but you’re just starting now. A solid SEO plan will allow you to rise above them in search rankings. You can rise to that top ranking in a matter of months and remain there for decades if you choose to stay on top of it. The most fundamental explanation of SEO is your company’s website being displayed at the top of search rankings for keywords with a high search volume. Basically, we want your company showing up ahead of the competition for the phrases that people type into Google the most. Most times those phrases look something like this, “general contractor + city” or “niche contractors +city.” If you were to contact our team at Mr and Mrs Leads, we’ll make sure the keyword research is done before you come on as a client. That research will allow us to set some expectations on the amount of leads you can expect to see. The keyword research process is when we start digging for gold alongside our clients in an effort to show them what’s possible with our services.

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Marketing for contractors generally consists of word of mouth and referrals. We understand that old school train of thought but we’re here to implement a consistent customer generation system so you can scale your business with predictability. Don’t get us wrong, word of mouth can truly be the best marketing but it’s our belief that it should be the cherry on top. Referrals tend to result with an increased close rate because people trust the experiences of other customers. Unfortunately, word of mouth usually isn’t enough to get your business where you want it to be these days. Let’s take a moment to compare two companies with two very different outlooks on marketing their business. Contractor business number one relies on new customers being generated strictly through word of mouth and referrals. This company gets by because their work is top-notch, but they can’t hit the next level because they don’t know where the next job is coming from. This is a high-risk approach because they could go weeks at a time without landing a job, especially in the slow season. All because their sales pipeline isn’t full at all times. Let’s say that contractor company number two is a general contractor. They employ general contractor SEO and also get referrals through word of mouth because they also do great work. The difference between the two? Company number two has a sales pipeline that is always full so things almost never slow down. They’ve got a stranglehold on their market because their SEO campaign has allowed them to be number one in search engines. Not only did they see roughly a 10% return on their investment in the first couple months, they’ve used that money to target more locations to attract more customers. They’re scaling their company consistently and are seeing a boom in sales by the end of the first year. Mr and Mrs Leads wants this to be the case for you as well.

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We know that we’re the best SEO company for contractors. Our confidence in saying that comes from the incredible reputation we’ve built over the years. That reputation has been built on a commitment to results for clients, communication and honesty. We want to bring an immense amount of value to all clients and that means we need to be honest with you and ourselves. We’ll sit down with you, come up with a plan of attack and see what kind of budget we have to work with. If we feel that we can’t elevate your business with the budget we have, we’ll tell you. We’ll also be in contact throughout our partnership because we want to make sure you’re getting the jobs you want. If you’re a concrete company that wants more driveway jobs, we’ll adjust our strategy. Pick up that phone and give us a call, we want to hear about your business and your vision for it. Talk soon!

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