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The benefits SEO has for your roofing company

The Mr and Mrs Leads team talks to plenty of roofing companies that have heard the term search engine optimization (SEO) tossed around but don’t have a firm grip on what it means and how it can be useful. We want to spend some time going over what it means and why SEO for roofing contractors can take the business to another level.

SEO has been used in the marketing world for a quite a while now but the best thing about it is that you can constantly beat out your competition. It’s not one of those things where if you’re not the first in the market to do it then your out of luck. There are so many opportunities to capitalize on, not only in the first couple months but for decades to come. The basic understanding of how roofing SEO can increase sales is by getting your service ranked at the top of the search engine when people are looking for what you do. Nowadays when people are looking for something they head over to Google and type in what we call a keyword. Often the most popular searches that apply to roofing will be “roofing + your city” or “roofing contractors + your city.” Before you even come on as a Mr and Mrs Leads we will put in the time to do the keyword research so you know exactly what we would be trying to rank for and the amount of traffic you can expect from it. The best opportunities for growth are uncovered through keyword research and it’s the foundation of any sound roofing marketing strategy.

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Entering the digital world has many benefits for your company

Many roofers out there are old school and we understand the school of thought that “word of mouth is the best marketing.” We would agree that word of mouth leads to an increased close rate in the sales process but often times the amount of leads you’ll get just employing this strategy won’t be life changing. So, let’s compare two different businesses with different approaches to marketing. Roofing company number one depends solely on word of mouth to gain business. First off, it’s incredibly risky to be reliable on one source of business. Achieving exponential and consistent growth depends on your ability to have a full sales pipeline. Roofing company number two invests in their business by using a marketing strategy such as SEO. They bring in the best SEO agency they can find and see a boom in leads in the first couple months. They see a 10% ROI over two or three months, and they take the next step which is to add more fuel to the fire. They begin targeting more keywords which leads to more searches, traffic and sales. The SEO strategy that our team puts into place will depend largely on the competition in your market as well as the search volume.

Far too often we see roofing companies that only put one foot in the water instead of jumping in. The only thing between where your business is now and where you want it to be is the reluctance to invest in your company. We suggest that you jump in and act. SEO is a marketing strategy that has proven it’s value time and time again. When you reach out to our team, we’ll create a custom strategy free of charge. We want to sit down with the decision makers in your company and go over what we came up with in-depth. Mr and Mrs Leads has worked with numerous roofing companies over the years and results are delivered every single time. The beautiful thing about SEO is that it’s very predictable. We know that if we do “x”, then “z” will happen.

Proper research is key

When we do research on an SEO plan for your company, we’ll also look at your website. There are many things we’ll need to make sure are optimized on your website before we start our SEO. Roofing website design is incredibly important because things such as content, keywords, photo descriptions, ALT tags and more have a huge effect on SEO results. If we need to tack those things onto our SEO strategy, we’ll discuss that when we chat too.

The entire team at Mr and Mrs Leads is very prideful about our ability to communicate with our clients so we can work together to achieve the best results possible. We’ll touch base with each other periodically after the campaign is started to make sure you’re seeing the leads and sales you’re looking for. If you want to prioritize more roof replacements down the line just let us know so we can make the adjustments on our end. No matter what, we’re here to level up your roofing company with an unmatched SEO plan.