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Do What You Love

Do you want to wake up every day hating your life? Just thinking about going to work make you sick and want to quit right then and there?

If so, you need to look at yourself and your life and decide how to change. What are your passions, and what are you go at? How can you make something you love doing come into your life and make it better?


What Does It Mean To Do What You Love?

What is the meaning of doing what you love?

There is a saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you are happy and love putting time and energy into something, it won’t ever feel like you are working. Sometimes even if you have your purpose for doing a thing, it can still feel long and bad. Learning to do what you love and working on goals to get there is a driving force everyone needs.

It becomes something we love because the positive outweighs the negative.

The Three Key Work Orientations

Sometimes we think that doing what you love is the only way to have a fulfilling life, which is not true. When it comes to your day-to-day life, there is more involved in getting what you want. There are three key areas to look at when deciding what to do to do what you love. It is always good to have a work-life balance for these key work orientations.

Calling Orientation

This is about the things you do that create your identity. It is what you feel like your meaning in life is. Following your passion and higher purpose is what your calling is. However, this can be something that you might not want to do your whole life. Just because you are good at something does not mean it has to be what your life is about. Not everyone wants to do what they are good at, and that’s okay.

Career Orientation

A career is a job or type of work that allows you to grow and become better the longer you are at it. It is the opposite of a ‘dead-end‘ job.

This is where the term ‘dream job’ comes in. Anything you want to make career-wise will take time and struggle to get there. But in the end, it is worth it. This is a great place to start a business and work for yourself instead of others.

Job Orientation

This is the work you get done to make ends meet. It is what you do to make sure you have enough to do other things. The money you get from this job funds the other two orientations.

What Happens When You Do What You Love?

How do you know what you love to do? When the positive outweighs the negative. 

This can be applied to our personal lives and career path.

You get a deeper sense of fulfillment when you do what you love. Your job or career should make you happy and leave you satisfied with your work and time spent.

You will end up inspiring others with your work. Many people give up because one thing is hard, and they question if they love what they do. When They see that you have gone forward and accomplished your goals, they want to recreate that for themselves.

Once you have started, you will see your success in other things go up. The odds start to be in your favor the longer you push. Your days will be filled with challenges and trials. As long you continue forward, it will continue to get better.

Will I Always Love What I Do?

How do people love what they do?

The matter is that people will not always love what they do. It is impossible with any task to enjoy it all the time.

People living their dream life or working their dream job don’t love every aspect.

Let’s say you want to become a Zookeeper. You have to go to at least four years of college. Then you have to apply to zoos to get an internship. Then once you are in, there are still guests, co-workers, and bosses you still have to interact with every day. You will be expected to change and adapt to new and improved information about animal care. It is also not a high-paying job initially and will take up a lot of your free time.

I’m sure not everything on that list is something you would enjoy 100 percent of the time. And It is like that with all careers. There will be something that you do not enjoy, and that’s okay. 

My Final Thoughts

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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