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What are Crossfit SEO Services?

Let’s face it, CrossFit is still in its infancy and we understand that many gym owners haven’t been in business long enough to think about capitalizing on search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. You’ve probably heard the term before but maybe you don’t have a great grasp on what it entails and what it can ultimately do for your gym. We want to take some time to cover these things and show you why now is the time for you to take your CrossFit gym to the next level.

Search engine optimization entered the marketing scene quite a while ago but it’s just getting warmed up. The incredible thing about SEO is that it’s never too late to join the party as a company. It’s always a feasible task to climb atop the search rankings and you can reap the rewards for not just months, but for decades to come. We say it’s just getting started because of the world we live in. Think about it, more and more people are spending more and more time on their devices, whether it’s a cell phone, computer or tablet. They’re using that time to gather information or look for products and services. When they want to look for a CrossFit gym, they should see your company and not the competitor in your city. This is the most basic understand of SEO for most people. Consumers head over to Google, type in a word or phrase and they’re shown a list of sites that Google believes are most relevant to them. Mr and Mrs Leads wants to put Crossfit SEO strategies to work for your company so you can become the authority in your area. Our company is all about providing value to business owners upfront, before they even come on as clients. Therefore, we’ll take the time to do some research so we can give you a rough idea of how many leads you can expect to generate from your site once you reach the top of search rankings. Thorough research is where we find the hidden gems. The value that nobody else is capitalizing on.

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Move Your Gym into the digital Space

We know that many gym owners out there are old school and still follow the train of thought that word of mouth is the best. We actually agree that word of mouth and referrals lead to a higher close rate but it’s hard to keep a full sales pipeline when you rely on this tactic. Let’s take a moment to compare two different businesses with two totally different approaches to marketing their gyms. The first gym owner relies on word of mouth to fuel their business. It’s a very risky game to play because there can be gaps in sales. Not knowing where your next sale is coming from is nerve-wracking and it’s hard to scale a business this way. It restricts your ability to grow at the end of the day. The second gym owner decided to make an investment in gym SEO. After seeking out the best SEO firm they could find, they see their sales pipeline fill up after a couple months. Once they see a return, they invest a chunk of that money back into the marketing efforts. After targeting more traffic, they see their leads double after a couple more months. Now, imagine employing these marketing efforts and after changing the physical condition of your new clients, they bring you even more referrals! It will only snowball from there.

While our team conducts our research on an SEO plan, we’ll also have to take a look at the current state of your website. A portion of SEO success factors rely on your website. These things have to be optimized and they include but aren’t limited to content, keywords, photo descriptions, meta tags and more. They all play a part in a successful strategy. We know these are confusing but don’t worry, we’ll cover everything that needs to be done when we chat.

At Mr and Mrs Leads, we’ve built our stellar reputation on our ability to communicate with clients and deliver amazing results. These strategies are designed to generate as much traffic as possible to your site and convert more sales in the end. We’re not in the business of setting up a marketing effort and then never checking in again. We’ll be in contact throughout and we’ll always be checking to make sure you’re getting the jobs you want. If there’s another type of work you want us to target, no problem! Let us know and we’ll adjust things on our end so we can get more of those calls coming in. The bottom line is we’re here to guide you on your quest to become the authority among CrossFit gyms in your area and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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