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Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Practical Tips To Change Your Narrative

What does it mean when someone says you need to “Change Your Story?”

In order to change your life story, you have to change how you view yourself and the world around you. How you think about yourself and your world can lead to a huge change in your life that you didn’t even know what is possible.

This power comes from your very thoughts and how you can change them. How you perceive your world and how your thoughts change is how your reality is created. If you really want to see your life story change, you have to change your thoughts and look at a new story where you are the author in control.

When you decide to change your story, you decide to change your life.

How Can I Change My Personal Narrative?

These are familiar stories you tell yourself about yourself that can limit your growth opportunities and signal that it is time to rewrite your story.

We are shaped by the past, emotions, memories, and stories we tell ourselves. These all determine what we believe we can and can’t do.

It’s easy to let these familiar stories we tell ourselves be completely true. This limits our growth and opportunities to the point where we wonder if we are holding ourselves back or some unforeseen force.

Here are a few examples you might find in your own life that’s show it is time for you to rewrite your own story.

I Have To Be Perfect

Perfection is, literally, the highest standard anyone can achieve. It may feel great to complete a task flawlessly, but failure is where we learn our life lessons.

You limit your possibilities by telling yourself that your story must be perfect. If you are looking to create a different narrative, perfection is just not an option.

I Am Not Good Enough

When we tell ourselves this story, it is often because we compare ourselves to others. We look at others’ success and achievements and feel like we are falling behind.

We sometimes forget everyone has their struggles, strengths, and weaknesses and the personal stories they tell themselves.

If you tell yourself you are not good enough, you reinforce that very idea. If you want to change your story, you have to change that line of thinking. Everyone likes an underdog story, so make it your own.

Life Is Too Hard

Some of the most famous works of fiction take place in a dystopian world. I get that sometimes it feels like we are almost there now, but there is still light and hope out there. Your attitude can and will prevent you from enjoying life and not giving up on your goals.

Changing your story to be more positive, or viewing your past story as a triumph, can completely change how you see the world.

I Am Too Old To Change

If you really want to change your life and your story, you must believe that you are never too old to start a change.

This is a common story that anyone can tell themselves. I’m too old to learn to ride a bike; I’m too old to learn a new recipe; I’m too old to make new friends. This story limits our potential and, frankly, limits our quality of life.

Don’t be afraid to try new things; let your story grow as you grow new interests and skills!

This Is How It Has Always Been

This is a story as old as time itself. We become comfortable with the way things are, or we feel that nothing will change around us even if we change, so there is no point.

We forget that we have the power to change, and once we change, the world will change around us. It might be small at first, but it’s there, which is better than nothing. We can make our lives better and the lives of others around us.

Instead of a story about how things have always been, make a story about how you can change for the better.

Steps To Rewrite And Change Your Story

Here are simple tips to learn and start your very own personal narrative!

  1. Look At Your Habits: Find the main theme in your habits and create a new theme. This is a great first step in changing the current story of your life.
  2. Set Goals: Make Realistic, relevant, and achievable goals to keep you going. Layout a step-by-step plan to reach them. Then keep going!
  3. Have A Positive Support System: Every hero needs a mentor and buddy sidekick. Surround yourself with encouraging and successful people. Learn from their personal transformation and their success stories.
  4. Believe In Yourself: You are the only person who truly knows you and your strengths. You are more likely to stick to your plans and reach your goals when you believe in yourself.
  5. Take Risks And Be Flexible: When you take risks, you open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities. It means trying new things and not being scared of failure. Life is ever-changing, and it can be fun to change with it!
  6. Be Patient And Live In The Moment: It can take time to see a big change in your life. But one small change can make a huge difference in 5, 10, and 15 years from now. That being said, enjoy life now. Make your changes, grow as a person, and enjoy the little things that happen now.

My Final Thoughts

Take back your story, whether it is a coming of age, an underdog, or a triumph over evil.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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