Business Development Executive Job Description

Summary: The Business Development Executive (BDE) is responsible for the identification and acquisition of new clients for the niches and service offered by Mr. & Mrs. Leads. BDE will work with Onboarding and Optimization Specialist (OOS) as needed to determine best services needed for quote, and then hand off client to Account Manager (AM) and OOS for onboarding once client signs agreement.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identification and pursuit of prospective clients that can benefit from Mr. & Mrs. Leads services.
  • Research and understand client market and industry to quote most effective services we can offer
  • Work with AM to build quote for prospective client
  • Communicate objectives and goals for client SEO/Lead Generation to OOS and AM for onboarding.

Job type: Full-Time Exempt (40 hrs. per week)


  • Compensation for this position is paid on the following commission structure:
    • Recurring Monthly agreements
      • 40% of the first month on all eligible new recurring monthly agreements
      • 20% of the second month on all eligible new recurring monthly agreements
      • 10% of the third month on all new eligible recurring monthly agreements
    • Projects and Add-Ons
      • 25% of all eligible projects including but not limited to website development, 30-day agreements and unique one-off projects a client agrees to
      • 10% of the first month on all eligible agreements that convert from 30-day to recurring monthly agreements
      • 40% of Agreement Setup Fees collected for recurring monthly agreements
    • Custom Projects and White Label services
      • Compensation terms will be negotiated on a project basis as they arise
  • Eligibility requirements for Recurring Monthly Agreements:
    • SEO agreements require a minimum 1,000.00 per month fee and a 12-month term
    • SMM, PPC and Lead Generation agreements require a minimum 500.00 per month fee and 12-month term
    • For any agreements that include Ad Spend expense, commissions will be calculated by deducting the Ad Spend expense from the monthly recurring fee. Commission will be paid on the remaining revenue
    • BDE is responsible for generating and closing on the agreement
    • No commission is earned, due or payable unless the Company receives payment during BDE employment on agreements BDE is responsible for generating.
  • Payroll dates are 15th and last day of each month. Signed agreements must be received 5 business days prior to the payroll date or commission will be paid on the following payroll date.

Supervisor: CEO

Mr. & Mrs. Leads
CEO- Joshua Osborne
Cell- 719-505-6065

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